6 Pack Fitness Innovator Pack Bag

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6 Pack Fitness Innovator Pack Bag

Meal Management Travel Bag

Travel Effortlessly with Meals, Sports Nutrition Products, and Supplements

6 Pack Fitness Innovator Pack Bag

  • Carries up to three or five meals in an adjustable insulated core system that includes a zippered utensil pocket.

  • Preloaded with three or five independently accessible Snap Lid Containers.

  • Preloaded with Sports Nutrition Container for organizing supplement pills and energy bars.

  • Includes with two gel packs to keep meals fresh for more than eight hours.

  • Two adjustable, insulated, side pockets carry up to four water/shaker bottles and healthy snacks.

  • Snap Lid Containers are BPA/PVC free, and microwave- and top-shelf dishwasher-safe.
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