Sequoia Metacal Body Caliper

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Sequoia Metacal Body Caliper

Low cost and highly accurate

MetaCal Body Fat Caliper

MetaCal Body Fat Caliper is the lowest price but most purchased caliper on the market - tested and proven by individuals, trainers, and companies for over 30 years. MetaCal BodyFat Calipers are the low cost accurate alternative. You will not find a less expensive body fat caliper – originally designed and approved by American Hospital Supply. Now, as times change, Sequoia Fitness is helping you change your body. MetaCal BodyFat Calipers come packed with a user manual including unique instructions to measure body fat % as well as measurement charts for males and measurement charts for females, ages 18-65. We used the 3-site Jackson Pollack body density equations for active adults to generate the results. A body fat % interpretation chart is also available on line so you can see how you do relative to others. Make MetaCal your choice - see how it compares to more expensive calipers. MetaCal is endorsed by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation as well as the International Bodybuilding Federation.

Measures body fat % through skinfold measurements of 3 locations for men and women
Simply to use
Endorsed by World Natural Bodybuilding Federation
Endorsed by International Bodybuilding Federation
No battery required
Includes body fat measurement instructions, unit operating instructions, body fat measurement charts for men and women
Meets Miltary Standard of Physical Readiness

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