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Hair Conditioner 500ml

Organic hair conditioner to prevent split ends and promote new healthy shiny hair growth, nourishes the hair-shaft, rejuvenates hair follicles. Made with certified organic Jojoba & Coconut Oils

Organic hair conditioner to prevent split ends and promote new healthy shiny hair growth, nourishes the hair-shaft, 

Jojoba oil

rejuvenates hair follicles. Made with certified organic Jojoba & Coconut Oils, therapeutic hydrolats, and best known to prevent hair loss and promote new healthy hair growth.

Jojoba oil is an oil-like wax has an oily composition, so it can be used as a moisturizer. It can also be added to hair conditioners to give you added protection against dryness, breakage, and split ends.
The oil can also moisturize the scalp and may be a dandruff remedy.
Jojoba is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair, including vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, copper, and zinc.
Because it strengthens hair, it is also thought that jojoba oil can prevent hair loss and promote hair thickness. The idea behind this is that the oil moisturizes hair follicles, which prevents dryness that leads to hair loss.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is the richest natural source of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), special types of fatty acid with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that are very nourishing to the body. It is especially high in the C12 chain of MCFAs known as Lauric Acid.
When it comes to using coconut oil for hair, the amount used also matters. You’ve probably heard the saying “too much of a good thing,” and this absolutely applies when it comes to using coconut oil in hair. Just as with supplements, if a little bit is good, a lot isn’t necessarily better.
Coconut oil seems most beneficial when used in small amounts to coat hair or reduce frizz and hair may not respond well to being coated in large amounts of coconut oil.

RosemaryRosemary Essential Oil
In addition to promoting hair growth, rosemary oil has also been linked to reducing problems associated with a flaky scalp. According to limited scientific research, rosemary oil can help resolve both the issue of dry scalp and dry hair.
It does so by detoxifying and disinfecting the scalp and by doing this both the scalp and hair can get the necessary nutrients to stay hydrated.

Androgenetic alopecia, more commonly known as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness, is a common form of hair loss which is believed to be related to a person’s genetics and sex hormones. A byproduct of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is known to attack hair follicles leading to permanent hair loss, which is a problem for both sexes but especially for men who produce more testosterone than women.

A randomized comparative trial published in 2015 looked at the effectiveness of rosemary oil on hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia (AGA) compared to a common conventional form of treatment (minoxidil 2%). For six months, 50 subjects with AGA used rosemary oil while another 50 used minoxidil. After three months, neither group saw any improvement, but after six months, both groups saw equally significant increases in hair count. So the natural rosemary oil performed as well hair loss remedy as the conventional form of treatment and also caused less scalp itching compared to the minoxidil as a side effect.


Lavender Oil Lavender Essential Oil
Exterminates lice and its eggs from your hair, acts as an anti-fungal treating dandruff.
Increases blood flow to the scalp which promotes hair growth, helps control Alopecia (An autoimmune disease where the body rejects its own hair follicles) and heal minor injuries on scalp.

Hair conditioner will not bring back dead hair to life; you can’t undo hair damage once it’s done. But you can change your habits and give your hair some extra love, protect new hair growth, get regular haircuts to remove your dry damaged ends. Your hairdresser can help you decide how long you should go between cuts.

Distilled water, Organic Glycerin, Vegetable Based Conditioning Emulsifier, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Vitamin B5, Hydrolysed Oat Protein.

* Ingredient list is subject to change; please refer to the packaging for the most recent ingredient list. We are always doing our best to improve our formulas.

Handmade with cold pressed, Organic, Vegan ingredients in Sydney, Australia.

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