Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

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Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

Luxury Egyptian towel collection is crafted from the finest, combed ring-spun, certified Egyptian cotton pile, making it long-lasting with a beautifully soft hand feel. Finished with a classic border style design, it’s a staple for any bathroom lover. This collection allows for greater absorption whilst remaining luxuriously soft to touch.

100% LS Egyptian Cotton Terry Towels

Only ultimates are used in creating Gossypium products



The terry towels [made of Giza 86 combed yarn in luxurious ring-spun] produce an amazing feel, maintain significant absorbency and offer consumers remarkably plusher towels that are uniquely soft and durable to last longer.Absorbent and exceptionally luxurious soft towels that are durable and less likely to pill and leave lint are not a dream anymore. Our long staple, Cleopatra collection towels are loomed with thick, absorbent, silken terry loops in a broad dobby pattern.

Towels Construction

One of the issues with thicker towels is that they often remain wet after use. However, laboratory tests results reveal that towels weight 665 gram per square meter encourages the towel to dry itself before the next use.

 Our luxury Cleopatra collection comes in five different sizes.Combining the softness of Giza 86 combed Egyptian cotton in the pile, with the durability of Giza 90 in the ground offered with a 665 GSM heavyweight towel.


Towel Size

Bath Sheet  85 x 165 cm

Bath Towel  70 x 130 cm

Hand Towel  40 x 60 cm

Wash Towel  33 x 33 cm

Bath Mat  56 x 90 cm

Egyptian cotton is well-regarded as the “Superior” cotton – a reputation it has gained with good reasons. Some of the characteristics which set Egyptian cotton apart from other natural fibres include:Why are Egyptian cotton towels more superior to other towels?

-       The length of staple / length of fibre (LS) make it possible to make the finest of yarns without sacrificing the strength of the yarn.

-       The strength of the fibre makes fabrics more solid and resistant to stress.

Fabrics made of long staple Egyptian cotton are softer, finer and are among the longest lasting cottons in the world.

Egyptian cotton is a very tricky brand. It is obvious when you think about it, as any cotton grown in Egypt can rightly be labelled “Egyptian cotton”. Egypt is one of the largest producers of LS cotton in the world, but not all cotton grown in Egypt is LS cotton.

It is possible to purchase a product labelled 100% Egyptian cotton but may not be made from the finest quality cotton, i.e. could have been made from, non-LS type, which is of a lower quality Egyptian cotton.

It is well known that, it is extremely difficult for ordinary consumers to know the real quality of Egyptian cotton used in a product. What can you do? Ask questions and use your judgment.

A word of caution: read the label carefully. If the label says "Egyptian cotton" rather than "100% Egyptian cotton" then it is likely that the Egyptian cotton has been blended. We typically assume the "100%" part when reading a label that says "Egyptian cotton". But if it does not say 100% do not assume it is 100%.

The labelling used by some manufacturers has become much more forthright in recent years so more often than not you will see labelling that is very specific about the cotton content. What you read is what you get.


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