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musclemeds shaker bottle

MuscleMeds Shop all of the greatest Products MuscleMeds has to offer. Exclusive Kai Greene Products

A new era in sports nutrition is here. MuscleMeds Performance Technologies represents the pinnacle in supplementation science. A state-of-the-art company that unites performance enhancement with pharmaceutical-based nutritional technology. Using leading edge research and true product innovation, MuscleMeds scientists have developed new, proprietary technologies for dramatically improving athletic and human performance.

MuscleMeds has created some of the most exciting products in the sports science industry. Product innovations such as pharmadynamic nutraceutical hormone manipulation and fat-incinerating thermogenic advancements that also increase strength set MuscleMeds apart from the competition. With the unveiling of Carnivor, its Beef Protein Isolate technology and products like eNoxide, it is easy to see why MuscleMeds is the leader in sports nutrition innovations.

What better testament to the superb product efficacy of MuscleMeds than the addition of massive IFBB pro bodybuilder Kai Greene to the MuscleMeds team? Early research and product development using Kai as a test subject led to the creation of the full line of MuscleMeds products, allowing “The Predator” to pack on over 30 lbs. of rock-hard muscle. Kai’s work with MuscleMeds researchers and their advanced formulas helped this massive muscular marvel crush the competition and win the 2009 and 2010 Arnold Classic title.

“MuscleMeds has helped me realize my ultimate potential as a professional bodybuilder,” says Kai, the most heavily muscled IFBB pro competitor in the world today. “I credit MuscleMeds supplements for bringing me to the highest level of competitive and muscle building success.”

MuscleMeds Performance Technologies represents the apex of innovation, science and performance enhancement.





  • MuscleMeds scientists first conduct a scientifically accurate assessment of human physiology factors related to the targeted mechanisms of action to understand the exact pathways and controlling factors for ingredient/formula design. During Phase 1, a medical model depicting the metabolic pathways, genomics, physiology, endocrinology, metabolomics, morphology, anatomy and other related bio-factors is created to clearly identify the core requirements.


MuscleMeds scientists then conducted an extensive search and evaluation of the bio-active candidate ingredient(s), including reviewing the:

  • Research
  • Bio-Functionality
  • Pharmacokinetics: digestion, bioavailability, absorption, metabolism, bio-effectiveness and duration of action in the body.


  • MuscleMeds scientists make final formula ingredient selection and necessary dose range determinations to achieve the desired effect. They then evaluate the technologies needed to effectively deliver the required dose.


  • MuscleMeds scientists then conduct the fourth product development phase, which entails developing the needed product ingredient molecular structure modifications and dosage technology to achieve the highest stability and bio-effective delivery of select bioactive ingredients. Certain ingredients may require slight modification through advanced molecular alteration or be administered via special oral delivery systems. For example, MuscleMeds scientists developed the FastSorb Sub-Buccal delivery system and bioactive stabilization techniques that prevent degradation and greatly increase the potency and speed of absorption.


  • Research efficacy validation is the final development stage. MuscleMeds products are subjected to extensive final research evaluation to confirm that each product delivers on its performance goals.
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